Verified WAEC 2020 HISTORY (2&1) Essay and Objective Expo Solutions Questions and Answers Now Posted Here

[2020/2021 WAEC] Waec 2020 HISTORY 2 and 1 Objective and Theory Questions and Answers Verified Expo Solutions now Posted Here



Thursday, 20th August 2020

History 2 (Essay) 2pm – 4pm

History 1 (Objective) 4pm – 5pm

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(i)The desire of the British government to have a firm control of Lagos politically and economically. So that other European powers especially France would no longer eye Lagos again.

(ii)To see that slave trade was the thing of the past and to put an end to kidnappers who formerly oppressed them.

(iii)To bring about peaceful reading activities without any obstacle whatsoever. They wanted to ensure stability in where they settled so as to have a good business atmosphere which they would profit from.

(iv)They also had the intention to make sure that the people in lagos engaged in good ventures business that were not akin to space trade. Such as trade in palm oil, cotton and other items that would be of use to the home industries in England.

(v)The only major port was Lagos which the British wanted badly for the export of Nigeria resources to Europe


(i)Lack Of Agricultural development (food security) and crime, violence (including domestic violence)

(ii)Bad Environmental sustainability and climate change initiatives and lack of opportunity for all (social, racial, religious)

(iii)Poor Facilitation and effective regulation of trade-in-goods and trade-in-services (addressing tariff and non-tariff barriers, regulatory obstacles)

(iv)Poor Financial market governance and regulation and high rate of foreign direct investment (FDI) generation and management

(v)Bad public sector governance (efficiency, efficacy and financial management of government services, reforming fiscal system Very Poor.


(i) He created a yoruba bible to help the spread of Christianity.

(ii) He influenced the government to build churches in Niger and other states.

(iii) He also gave them highlight Of missionary schools and open Niger mission retained its autonomy as the Niger Delta Pastorate.

(iv) He taught about agricultural Practices and techniques in a way to spread love between Christianity.

(iv) He helped bring end to slave in Nigeria and make them understand more about Christianity.


(i) Igboukwu
(ii) Ife
(iii) Benin

(i) It has boosted our image abroad through various excavations carried out bu European archeologists and etnographers

(ii) The discovery of various objects such as bronze and brass had indicatd that the people of Nigeria were expertised in art works

(iii) Ancient civilization helped Nigerian to be creative from the time of 1500-1800 cultures like nok culture helped in creating artifacts

(iv) It educated Nigerians on trading which mostly was done in creating artifacts


(i)Lack of interaction between the government and society; The problem is standing in the first row, among other basic
economic problems facing Nigeria. The government will not be able to manage its economic, political, and social affairs without
fostering interaction between it and the private sector and state
civil society.

(ii)Corruption; corruption is a global menace, but Nigeria suffers most of
all. People are starting to see that this nation has a corrupt culture.

(ii)Macroeconomy; The lack of consistency and the government’s greed are among the causes of the hemorrhage in the economy. Every administration, which comes on board, sets up a new policy initiative instead of working on the previous one.

(iv)Poor human development; In general, human resources play a significant role in the success or failure of any nation or organization. Most of the problems facing the Nigerian economy reflect the bad quality of the nation’s
economic health and human development.

(v)Crime and terrorism; These two issues also negatively influence the economic situation
of the country. The Nigerian crime issue gives many people in this
country sleepless nights. In some places, people feel that they cannot walk around their neighborhoods freely anymore.

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